The Office

The Therapy Guild is located at 243 Main St. Buzzards Bay, MA 02532. The building is called the Cubellis Professional Building

When you enter through the building’s front or the back doors you can either go through another set of doors on the first floor and then take the elevator to the lower level (LL). If you prefer stairs you will go through the first door on the right and go down stairs to the lower level. Halley Palmer’s office is through the door with the white blinds. You can then wait inside the waiting room for Halley to come meet you.

When you haven’t been somewhere before and you don’t know what to expect it can cause a lot of anxiety. To help people who might struggle with this I’ve included photos of my office, the waiting room, and a screen shot of the telehealth platform.

The door to the waiting room. The door has a glass window in it and white blinds prevent people from looking inside the room. On the right hand side are three name plates, a sign asking people to not eat in the waiting area, and a sign asking people to wear face masks.
The door to the waiting room.
The waiting room.
Therapy office with dim lighting. A love seat is against the far wall with soft pillos and a soft blanket on it. An inclusive pride flag is hanging on the right side wall. The lighting is dim and calming.
The inside of the office from the therapist’s desk.
The view seen from the love seat where the client sits. In the foreground is a small coffee table with a box of tissues on it. There is a velvet chair with a pillow on it behind the coffee table. In the background the therapist's desk is behind the chair and there is artwork on the walls. On the right hand side of the image in the foreground there are shelves with bins filled with games, art supplies and toys.
View of the office from the couch.
Another view of the seating area in the therapy office. There is a book shelf with bins filled with art supplies, toys and games in the back.
The seating in the office and the bins and shelves filled with games, art supplies, sensory tools, and toys.
Three poster prints of scenes from Star Wars. From left to right: a minimalist pinkish red illustration of Tatooine with a moisture farm, a minimalist blue illustration of Hoth with an AT-AT in the foreground, and a minimalist green illustration of Endor with the Death Star 2 in the upper right corner.
Some of the artwork you’ll see in the office.
Screenshot of the view seen by the client in the telehealth platform. There are buttons on the bottom of the screen. On the bottom left is a button to see the waiting room. In the center from left to right are buttons for the microphone, video camera, and to hang up. And on the bottom right there is a button for text chat, and a button to change the audio and visual settings for the call.
Your view on the telehealth platform.